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Ancillary Range

A range of innovative products designed to work with the PowerAll systems.


PowerAll manufacture a range of ancillary products that allow us to offer a complete systems for fitting to various types of vehicles. The objective of these system solutions is to provide the same level of reliability as the PowerAll unit themselves.


This range comprises of:


Bespoke Alternator Mounting Kits

These mounting kits are purposely designed to suit each individual vehicle, irrespective of it's emission class and if it has air conditioning or not.

The kits are designed to the automotive class B10 life of 500000Km to give long and reliable life.

In most cases, the PowerAll alternator is driven by a separate belt, meaning that it has not affect on the vehicles ancillary drive belt.

(photo 1)



AC80 Charge Management Module

In instances where there is no space to fit an additional alternator, Powerall have developed the AC80 charge management module to enable the system to be installed.


With this solution, we replace the vehicles OE alternator with a PowerAll modified unit and the AC80 which manages the output of the alternator between the vehicle and the PowerAll unit.


Engine Speed Control Modules

Our range of engine speed controllers are designed to suit individual vehicles and are exclusively designed in house.


Our standard range allows either fixed speed or half /full power two speed control.


Our new patented adaptive speed controller allow the engine speed to be precisely matched to the load applied at any given moment. This system combines with our unique patented AutoStart system which will stop the engine at times of no power demand and then automatically restart it when the power is required again. 

This system can be configured to work with our DC compressor systems, hydraulic systems or any other system that requires a variable speed input.
This system has considerable advantages over other systems of this type, in reducing engine wear, fuel costs and carbon emissions.


All of our engine speed control modules can be specified with a safety run lock module. This allows the vehicle ignition key to be removed with the engine running and the cab to be secured. Additionally, the throttle pedal is inoperative, the steering is locked and the engine will stop should the handbrake we released with the key removed.


Additionally, a road speed limiting module can be incorporated. This system has the benefit of reducing fuel consumption and offers a demonstrable commitment to the safety of staff members.


(photo 2)

Electrical Installation Kits

Where the PowerAll unit does not have integral sockets, we can supply electrical installation kits. These kits are fully 17th edition compatible and include a distribution box with RDC and appropriately sized MCBs.


The sockets supplied are either 110v for 230v rated to suit the customer requirement.

(photo 3)


Welfare Equipment

FB-110 110v Fast Boil Kettle System.

Most 110v kettles are very slow to heat the water and can take up to 20 minutes to boil one litre of water.

With our unique fast boil kettle system, you can boil 1.75 litre of water in just seven minutes.

The FB-110 is designed to work with all PowerAll 110v systems and has a unique plug/socket to ensure that on other appliances are connected to it.

(photo 4)


MC800 110v to 230v Microwave Oven Facilitator


In some applications it is necessary to have a 230v supply for welfare equipment such as a microwave oven. Our MC800 allows the output of a 110v PowerAll system to be converted to 230v to run a conventional 230v microwave oven, with the expense of a specifically designed 110v unit.

(photo 5)


Battery Support Equipment

The PowerAll range of Battery Support Systems have been specifically designed, in response to client demands, to facilitate the automatic charging of batteries.

The intelligence within the units enables the charging of the dedicated battery, via the existing vehicle alternator and within the vehicle 24 Volt system, with no detriment to the integrity of the vehicle electrical systems.

The series currently comprises two bespoke systems, each with specific applications

PowerAll PCC24-12-2
This unit has been specifically designed, to facilitate the automatic charging of 12 Volt Ancillary Equipment Battery Systems at up to 2 Amps.

PowerAll PCC24-12-12
Similarly this intelligent unit facilitates the automatic charging of specialist On-Board Communications Equipment, utilising 12 Volt Battery Systems, at up to 12 Amps.

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