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PA200 Range

This range of on board power generation systems is for users who require AC power in either 110v or 230v and 50 or 60hz.

Typical applications are – Sales demonstration vehicles, mobile command units, food delivery vehicles, satellite up lift vehicles, mobile workshops messing vehicles, CCTV vehicles and many other applications.


Power Range 2 to 10kVA


The PA200 range consists of AC power generation units, in both 110v and 230v and includes a 2Kva system where the engine only runs at idle speed.


The range is made up of:

110 Volt Integral Display 
PA211 3Kva
PA211 4Kva 
PA211 5Kva 
PA211 6Kva 
PA211 7Kva*
PA211 10Kva*


110 Volt Remote Display

PA210L 2Kva
PA201 3Kva
PA201 4Kva
PA201 5Kva
PA201 6Kva
PA201 7Kva*
PA201 10Kva


230 Volt Integral Display

PA212 3Kva
PA212 4Kva
PA212 5Kva
PA212 6Kva
PA212 7Kva*
PA212 10Kva*


230 Volt Remote Display

PA202 3Kva
PA202 4Kva
PA202 5Kva
PA202 6Kva
PA202 7Kva*
PA202 10Kva


* Twin alternators



The benefits of this system are:

Continuously rated - generate power all day with no need to refuel


Light weight - typically 87% lower than a generator, increasing available payload


Less space requirement - typically 98% less volume than a generator, freeing up load space


Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards


Low engine revs - (typically 1250 rpm) to reduce fuel consumption and clean exhaust emissions compliant up to Euro V


Full UK wide field service support and two year warranty with planned maintenance programmes

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