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PowerAll partners with Renault Trucks UK


PowerAll have worked in conjunction with Renault Trucks UK to deliver a new concept in combined on board air compressor and AC power system for the utility and contractor market.


Capitalising on the high payload capacity of the Renault Trucks front wheel drive Master van, PowerAll have installed their new light weight DC1290 high output air compressor along with the PA211 6kVA 110volt power generation system.

The compressor system is designed to power a road breaker or other pneumatic tools and equipment.


The PA211 power system produces a stable 110v AC output under varying loads and is able to power a wide range of tools and equipment, including fusion welding plant.


The heart of the power system is a light weight high output alternator utilising a Renault Trucks approved mounting kit and drive arrangement.


The sophisticated load management system runs the compressor at variable speed, which minimises the load on the vehicle engine, significantly reducing fuel consumption.


The new lightweight compressor and power system, when combined with the high Payload capacity of the Renault Master front wheel drive van results in an additional payload of in excess of 400kg when compared to a conventional system on a rear wheel drive chassis.


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The Renault Trucks Master with onboard compressor & power system

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